Our team of expert developers is dedicated to finding the perfect software solution to meet your needs—be it for a school, agency, software startup or a company. Our spectrum of services ranges from a comprehensive specification analysis to optimal technical implementation.
We are fluent in numerous programming languages and are familiar with a variety of frameworks and libraries. As experts in the software development sector, we are ready to find the right IT solution for your project.

Our experience lies in: App development, Serious Gaming, Onlineplatforms


Are you working on a system that is intended to reach several million users? Or is your project stuck in crisis? We know just how difficult it is to implement change, to realized difficult projects and make hard decisions. Utilize our expertise in change management early on in the life of your project—before both your budget and your team are gone. Our years of experience with small and largescale projects enable us to provide your developers with the infrastructure and know-how required to make sure your project is a success.

By establishing clear and efficient communication channels, direct personal contacts and hands-on involvement in your projects, we can optimize your project workflows and implemented technologies. Once a new system is in place, we can conduct on-site workshops and training courses at your company or agency to bring your team up to speed. We provide support on process optimization, equip your IT team with the right tools, carry out team coaching sessions and are available for additional training measures whenever needed.

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  • Ruby: Rails, Sinatra, grape
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript: Angular(1/2), vue.js, elm
  • Java: Groovy, Play
  • PHP: ShopWare, WordPress, Typo3, Contao
  • SOLR
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, redis, memcached
  • Gitlab, Redmine, JIRA